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Corner is an opportunistic investor in innovative and disruptive technology companies across a broad range of sectors. We have decades of experience investing in, operating, and partnering with top-tier businesses.


From early-stage convictions in emerging industries to later-stage global leaders, we help transform disruptive ideas into sector-leading technologies.

Local partners with boots-on-the-ground across many of the world’s innovative hubs provide exposure to some of the most compelling, differentiated opportunities available to investors. Our track record of investing across private markets, backed by a network that spans the broader technology ecosystem, provides us with unique insights into the latest developments across the global landscape.

We work with companies that have demonstrated exceptional potential to emerge as category leaders – providing the resources and support they need to give them the edge.


Corner was founded on the belief that unique insights are disproportionately accrued to the leaders in their respective spaces, and this select group is especially well positioned to navigate and drive change.

We pride ourselves on our ability to identify these people – to “peak around corners” and recognize the innovators, and innovations, that will define tomorrow. We act quickly, seizing on trends across core industry verticals ranging from FinTech and HealthTech to E-commerce and digital assets.

We understand what it takes to become category leaders, and aim to find and identify them, wherever they are, and support them with capital, experience, and know-how, to clear their path to scale. And as we do this, we evolve and grow alongside our partners, sharing in their successes.

When a portfolio company diversifies into a new area, we are there to offer advice. When a trusted partner starts a new venture, we can double-down on them to succeed again. And when an opportunity outside of our core competency presents itself, we can move quickly to capitalize on it – often with preferential access.